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Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in Maryland, contact Attorney Jermaine D. Hammonds today for an honest assessment of your case. Regardless of what type of criminal charges you may be facing, Mr. Hammonds will fight tirelessly to uphold your constitutional rights, and will assert any defenses that you may have. In each case, Mr. Hammonds will personally review the facts to determine if there are factual defenses, legal defenses, or both. Factual defenses are defenses such as “It was not me”, or “I was not present when the time took place.” Legal defenses include situations such as an unlawful search, seizure, or a combination of both, which results in the discovery of evidence. If the legal defense works in your favor, then certain evidence may not be admissible against you in the court of law. If this is the case, then you should not plead guilty. In fact, Mr. Hammonds would not let you plead guilty if you have a valid legal defense.

If you hire Mr. Hammonds, he will assert any reasonable defense that you have before the court. If there are no defenses; or, if the potential defense is weak, then, Mr. Hammonds will work hard to minimize any penalty that may be imposed by the State upon a guilty plea. In some cases, as a first time offender, you may qualify for what is called Probation Before Judgment or a STET. Probation before judgement is a disposition in itself. It does not mean “guilty”, nor does it mean “not guilty”. It simply allows the judge to impose certain types of conditions that would allow the Defendant an opportunity to rehabilitate without the need for formal incarceration. Probation Before Judgment is also known as “PBJ” or simply “probation”. Under normal circumstances, a defendant can only obtain one PBJ but depending on whether a charge was expunged or not, it can happen more than once.

If a case proceeds to trial, the State’s attorney has the burden of proving that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. While the burden is very high, it does not require the State’s Attorney to eliminate all doubt of guilt. This is an important fact because as a criminal defendant you will rely on me to tell you whether the State has enough evidence to convict you. This is where Mr. Hammonds’ experience matters. He can and will give you his honest and professional opinion as far as the likely outcome of a trial on the merits, which gives you a sound basis to make an informed decision.
It is important to remember at the outset that our criminal justice system is charged with rehabilitating offenders in addition pure retribution. Mr. Hammonds’ thinks it is important that we advocate for rehabilitation as opposed to pure incarceration, every chance we get. Everyone deserves a second or third chance.


Driving Under the Influence is considered to be one of the most serious traffic offenses in Maryland. The penalties obviously include suspension of license and possible jail, but also include collateral consequences such as increase in insurance premiums and possible job loss. Often times these consequences may be avoided all together with careful attention to both legal and factual defenses and proper mitigation.

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