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Personal Injury Protection under Maryland Insurance Law: What is personal injury protection and does it cover my lost wages and medical expenses?

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Yes. Personal injury protection is a type of insurance coverage that is given by the insurance company directly to its policy holder. For example, if Joe Smith has an insurance policy with XYZ Insurance Co., he may elect to have additional coverage for certain types events such as an injury to his person after a collision. This type of coverage (Personal Injury Protection) is implied by law meaning that everyone having a contract for motor vehicle insurance is assumed to have this type of coverage unless it is waived in writing by the policy holder prior to forming the insurance agreement. The minimum requirement is 2500.00 in Maryland unless waived. The beneficiary may use proceeds to cover lost wages, medical expenses, and prescription drugs. Often time’s claimants will want to know whether their insurance company may subrogate the personal injury protection benefits if recovery is had elsewhere. The answer to this question is no, under title 19 of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Motor Vehicle Insurance, subtitle 507(c).

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