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Maryland Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

My goal is simple: to get you the maximum value of your case. Regardless of whether we fight for your rights in Court, or if you accept a fair settlement out of court, you can expect to receive the following high quality services:

  1. Case Consultation
  2. Damages Calculation
  3. Assistance with locating licensed and insured medical providers
  4. Prompt response to status update request
  5. Negotiation advocacy
  6. Trial Representation
  7. Access To Judicial Court System

There are times when having an attorney on your side looking out for you can be the most important thing you can do to help yourself. Jermaine D. Hammonds is a skilled, aggressive attorney who fights for his clients, protects their rights, and does what he needs to help them win their case.

Jermaine Hammonds holds a deep commitment for helping people in need and has conducted extensive case studies and analyzed volumes of car accident and personal injury case law to ensure that each client has access to justice. He takes his work personally, and it is important for him to help people when they have a legal problem. The law office of Jermaine D. Hammonds helps people who have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident caused by a negligent or reckless driver. When you have been injured because of another’s negligence or misconduct, justice requires that you be compensated for your injuries, and Jermaine Hammonds fights to see that justice is done in your case.

Prompt and Knowledgeable Assistance for the Victims of Car Accidents and Premises Liability

If you have been the victim of a catastrophic injury, the appropriate choice is the Law Office of Jermaine D. Hammonds, a boutique law office providing individualized legal representation, updated every month with today’s law. If you or a friend or loved one has been the victim of a serious injury due to include criminal activity such as a home invasion, contact Jermaine D Hammonds. From our office conveniently located just off the beltway in Oxon Hill, we assist the victims of criminal conduct and often take legal action when the incident occurred on a commercial or residential property, and could have been prevented by the owner and/or operator.

One of my goals is to provide you not only with high quality and legal representation, but also to make the experience as comfortable as possible. That said, over the years I have made it my business to compile a vast array of resources in the local community that may assist you should you need a referral.

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